Our licensed and supervised therapists provide a variety of therapeutic services to individuals, families, and groups.  Frequency of therapy is dependent upon need, but often occurs on a weekly basis and at times and locations most convenient to those we serve.  Our clients receive frequent, one-on-one, individualized sessions with their therapist to work privately and intensively on any and all issues that they are dealing with.  Additionally, families are encouraged to be fully integrated into the treatment process and frequent family sessions are held to help support the individual and strengthen the family as a whole.

Additionally, therapists at FYIS have received training and certification in the following treatments to address mental illness, the effects of trauma, and substance abuse:

trauma-focused cogntive behavioral theory

family systems theory

social systems theory

Narrative theory

Solution-Focused Theory

Motivational Interviewing

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Stages of Change treatment

Strength Based recovery